Friday, March 19, 2010

you know you're a computer geek when...

I work at a university. I do breast cancer research, but I work in the old hospital, and we share the building with lots of other departments: medical history & bioethics, statistics, medical physics, physical & occupational therapy, pharmacology, physiology, and computer science, to name a few.

A university has a natural rhythm, composed primarily of the ebb and tide of undergraduates, but there are plenty of smaller, if no less important, patterns around. You can always tell when computer science is recruiting by the signs in the hallway. I work across the hall from an elevator; posted next to it today is a sign:
In case you didn't catch the part that clearly indicates that computer geeks are involved, I've enlarged it:Only Serious Geeks of the computer science persuasion use English like that!

Rock on, computer geeks.

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