Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the view from my window

We've gotten a little snow here in Madison. I woke up this morning to this:

The whole world beyond my window is covered in snow. The University was closed, the buses weren't running, and it was quite an adventure getting in to work this morning. Fortunately, I got a little help from my sweetie and his truck!

And now I'm home again, safe inside and warm with a new pair of socks. The Twinkleberries are done! Better photos later; it's too cold to take off my lap blanket, slippers and socks, even to put on an exciting new pair.

Stay warm!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

stash happiness

When I went on my happy little shopping spree Black Friday, it finally gave me the courage to dive into my previously small stash of high-end sock yarn. Totally worth it. Look at my beautiful Dream in Color Smooshy (Deep Seaflower) and my happy, lovely, upside-down (toe-up) Twinkleberry socks!

I'm so very glad I finally dove into this gorgeous yarn that I've been saving. I have a pair of beautiful green socks knit from Smooshy that I've been wearing weekly for months (my first-ever venture into the wonderful wide world of nice sock yarn I'd been hearing about on all my favorite podcasts), and they are wearing really well and I still love looking at them every time I put them on.

I'm still not crazy about knitting cables in sock yarn, but I'm getting much more comfortable with doing small cables without a cable needle, and I think the beautiful results are definitely worth it. I was able to memorize the Twinkleberry pattern after a few repeats, and now the socks are speeding right along. I think I'm in love (again). Am I shallow or just very lucky to find such happiness knitting beautiful things?