Saturday, March 20, 2010

a lovely Saturday morning

Brad starts a new job on Monday, so today we drove out to see the building and visit a nearby bakery. It's just our kind of place: a few tables where you can sit and eat, and a great view of all the action. It was also nice to see all the human diversity there, both in terms of age and ethnicity. Madison is a great place, but practically everyone is white. I watched an extremely studious young black man painstakingly weigh out flour and sugar while a boisterous pair of middle-aged hispanic men cheerfully shuttled trays of baked goods all over the place, an old white guy plodded around joking with the customers, and a pair of very focused bearded men worked as short-order cooks.
Brad and I sat and enjoyed a blueberry scone while we waited for some bread to come out of the oven. We were treated to a couple of pieces of buttered cinnamon bread fresh out of the oven -- heavenly! We went in to buy a loaf of bread, and came home with this:sourdough, multigrain and basil. We had to bring it home and put it on a rack to cool, as it was still hot. It kept my lap warm all the way home, and smelled incredible. I was grateful for the warmth, as after a week of beautiful spring weather, it snowed in the night. Fortunately Brad got in a little grilling yesterday. This week took a walk to a little Italian deli, where he got some incredible mild Italian sausage, among other things, which we enjoyed for dinner last night. This morning the grill looks like this:In spite of the cold, we're having a great morning so far. There is bread in the kitchen, quilts on the couch,
and a Dorothy L. Sayers audiobook on my iPod. Life is good.

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