Thursday, June 3, 2010

travel knitting

I'm at a computer conference with my parents, who met as programmers. Since they're both speaking at the conference, I've been hanging out in the green room with my travel knitting. I finally gave in and decided to try Grumperina's wildly-popular sock pattern, Jaywalkers. I'm knitting the toe-up version:(Yarn is Knit Picks Felici in Green Veggies.)Naturally, having quilting on the brain, I see possibilities everywhere. The headset microphones are set out on a shelf, and their cords look to me like an interesting possibility for a free-motion quilting pattern:And I really like the shapes made by this staircase. It does interesting things with the pattern repeat on the carpet, and I like the spacing of the stripes formed by this perspective. I'm sure there's some interesting math here, too, but being lazy I might try just measuring and mimicking the stripe pattern someday. What inspiration are you finding wherever you may find yourself today?