Sunday, September 5, 2010

something I really like

Lately, I've been catching up with back episodes of CogKNITive, a knitting/psychology podcast I greatly enjoy. One of the segments Dr. Gemma always includes is "something I really like." First of all, I really like that she always includes something she likes; secondly, I'd like to share something I really like!

I really like my Hot Socks. I knit them in December, and they have been through the washing machine several dozen times, and they still look fabulous. I simply cannot seem to take a picture that does justice to this yarn, which is Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in the Citrus colorway. I love Tosh Sock. The colors are incredible. And, as I just mentioned, it stands up really well to harsh treatment. Don't they look great? The stitch definition is still excellent, the socks haven't shrunk at all, which I've found can be an issue with many superwash sock yarns, and the color hasn't faded a bit. I'm rough on my socks, and this yarn is incredible at standing up to everything I've thrown at it. I'm not associated with Madelinetosh in any way, but the wonders of this yarn makes me wish I were!

Something else I really like: being able to work on a quilt while watching movies with my sweetie. The hexagons, after taking a little vacation -- they got tidied up when folks were visiting and never got un-tidied -- are back!
I've decided the bigger hexagons I was working on were just a bit overwhelming in their size. 19 little hexagons is a few too many to make up a big hexagon, so I've downsized. For now, these little bites of instant gratification are just right.

Speaking of, I was worried that my recent trend towards instant gratification (large quilt blocks, mini knits) was a problem. Am I completely without staying power? Then I realized that I am four years into a Ph.D. program, and it'll be at least another year, and likely longer, before I finish. I don't have a commitment problem; I just need my hobbies to be there for me right now.

I hope your fiber is there for you when you need it, too!

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