Saturday, May 8, 2010

"directionally correct"

I was a virtuous grad student and went to work this morning to start some new experiments. It means next week is going to be incredibly busy, but it'll help things move forward faster. OK, that wasn't really such a virtuous thing to do, it's what a grad student should do, but both my weekend and next week would have been easier if I hadn't, so when I got home I decided to reward myself for doing the right thing by doing the fun thing for a while:As a result, I've made progress on my projects at work and my fun projects at home! These are two sets of aqua and white nine-patch blocks I started working on one night ages ago. The picture above shows 16 squares that will have sashing in between the blocks; the 25 blocks below, with a different blue fabric but the same white, will be sewn directly to each other, without white space in between. As Brad would say, since he works in industry these days, everything is "directionally correct." Things feel like they're going veeeeeeeeeeery slooooooooooowly, but they are moving forward.

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