Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a cozy nest of hexagons

Some days at work are long and frustrating (big surprise, eh?). But it makes me happy and relaxed to come home, sit in my armchair next to my sweetie, and be surrounded by a project I can work on with my hands. Here's what's surrounding me today. On my left is a partially-assembled green hexagon-of-hexagons; on the right I have stacks of 2.5" squares of fabric
and all the tools I need to make more little hexagons.
It's a nice system; even though I keep making progress on assembling big hexagons from the little hexagons (lovely warm toes of my slippers shown for scale),My tupperware of little hexagons never gets any emptier! The color selection is slightly different from last time; I've been working on expanding the range of hues. I realized I needed more colors at the less and more saturated ends of the scale, so I'm going for some pale and dark values, instead of just medium values. Well, that's the goal, anyway. It's fun. What are you doing to relax?

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