Sunday, October 10, 2010

quilting the purple zig-zag quilt!

My poor zig-zag quilt has been languishing lately. I bought several yards of a deep purple print for the backing, and then one day while working on my hexagons found one made from this purple and green print, and I realized it would be an even better backing than the one I bought. I had to piece it together a bit, but I figure that's no problem. So, I got a quilt sandwich together! The batting is a crib-sized White & Warm, and it was just barely big enough.
After a lot of mental back-and-forth about the quilting pattern, I decided to go with a loop-de-loop pattern to contrast with the sharp angles of the piecing.
I used a violet-colored 100% cotton thread from Connecting Threads, and I really like the effect. Unfortunately, I went a little too fast with the free-motion quilting, and in places the stitch length is longer than I'd really like, but I think it'll do. On the up side, I got all the quilting done in one day!

Progress feels good. Cheers!

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