Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yonder Blue Rick

Today I'm in the mood for some really ornate socks, and when I want a beautifully engineered and complex sock pattern, the go-to gal has got to be Cookie A. Her designs are always interesting and always thought out to the last detail. I'm knitting them in Knit Pick's hand-painted merino-nylon blend sock yarn Stroll Tonal, the the Blue Yonder colorway. The pattern I'm using is Rick from Cookie A.'s book Sock Innovation, hence the name "Yonder Blue Rick." Not original, but descriptive.

Here's the lovely yarn and the beginning of the first sock by my flourishing mint plant.I'm loving how soft the Stroll is, and the colors are just delicious. I wish I could capture the richness and variegation better. It's that lovely sort of blue that makes me happy just looking at it! Knitting it is even better.

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