Sunday, July 25, 2010

altering the zig-zag

This quilt is based on a great tutorial from Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts for making a zig-zag quilt without piecing triangles. Please visit her tutorial for complete instructions; it's her pattern, so I'm just going to show you the small change I made to use 18 prints instead of 9 prints and a solid fabric.

I cut two strips each of 18 purple prints, according to Amandajean's instructions. I arranged them in an order I like, alternating light and dark prints.Then I took one strip of the first fabric (I'll call it A), and sewed it to one strip of the second fabric (B).
Then I sewed a strip of B to a strip of C, like so:I cut the strips into squares as instructed, and laid out the A/B squares according to the tutorial:
Then I lined up the B/C squares so fabric B makes the first zig-zag. In the picture below, the B/C square on the left is in place and the one on the right is displaced a little to illustrate how they are put together:

When you've laid out all the A/B and B/C squares, you get a long line of zig-zags like this:Here are the rest of my strips ready to be pieced into the complete quilt top.
More pictures as I go! Thanks, Amandajean!


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