Friday, July 23, 2010

a purple zig-zag quilt

Ever since I saw Amandajean's tutorial for making a zig-zag quilt without piecing triangles, I've wanted to make one. I love Amandajean's blog (crazy mom quilts), which is one of the first quilt blogs I discovered and is one I still the one I read most often; I visit at least once a week to see what she's up to. Even though I find that my taste often differs from Amandajean's, especially in terms of color selection, I love seeing what she's up to and am always inspired by her blog. Her quilts always make me want to try something new, or something outside of my comfort zone!

Today I cut fabric to make my own zig-zag quilt. I'm following Amandajean's tutorial, with one small change; instead of using 9 prints and a solid fabric, I'm using 18 different purple prints. That's one example of how Amandajean inspires me even though I want to do things differently than she does -- when I first saw the tutorial, I absolutely wanted to use it, but definitely didn't want a solid in between each of the prints. Fortunately, her pattern lends itself to a little alteration! I'll show what I'm going to do as I start sewing.

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