Saturday, July 25, 2009

a test quilt

I don't want my first experience with quilting to be on my sister's quilt, and am using this as an excuse to start another project. I've been curious about the disappearing nine patch pattern, so I pawed through the "stash" (I've been buying fabric for a month, and there isn't much there yet) and picked out some green, purple and blue fabrics.

I used the greens for the corners, purple for the inside squares and blue for the centers.

I didn't really have a plan in terms of size or anything. I tried to find the strip width between 3 and 6" that would make the most efficient use of some fat quarters, and decided on 4". I cut some strips, pieced them together, and so on, until I had a stack of 25 squares and very few scraps:
And then I got out the rotary cutter and cut them up!
OK, in the interests of full disclosure, after I cut them, they didn't look like they were going to go together too well, so I went back and squared them all up and made them all 5.25". Yup.

Now to lay them all out so they look nice...

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