Friday, July 10, 2009

pattern notes

Dana told us to begin the Old Red Barn Co. quilt-along with, I believe, a dozen half-yard cuts of fabric. My first-ever fabric order consisted of 14 purple and green prints that I liked together, so I used all of them.
I got seven 2.5" strips from each half-yard, which made 16 assembled strips with just two 2.5" bits left over.
The 16 assembled strips became 48 blocks; so I think I'll make the quilt six blocks by seven blocks, and have another strip of six blocks left over for the back.

I calculate that this quilt will be approximately twin sized, so I think it is destined for my sister's dorm room when she starts college this fall. They're colors she'll like, and as my dorm "big sister" Sheila told me my first year of college, "big sisters should give their little sisters quilts." Sheila gave me a quilt my first year, which I eventually passed on to my dorm "little sister."

The thought of sending my little sister Button off to college with a quilt I made myself just makes me feel warm and happy. Life is good. (Now to see if I can actually pull this thing off!)

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