Saturday, August 8, 2009

adventures in quilting

I officially love the curved quilting safety pins. I laid out a nice piece of lavender flannel on the carpet in the office (just the right amount of friction to hold everything in place!), then a crib-sized Warm & Natural batting, and finally my little quilt top!

I decided to try stitch in the ditch, but did one strip down the middle and decided I didn't like it much. The solid back showed the flaws too well, and my aim sucks. Also, my square lap quilt was wider than either the quilt back or the batting, so I took off a strip of big squares, re-pinned, and bravely decided to try stippling!

I was so enchanted with the results that I sat under my new lap quilt (minus binding) all evening and totally forgot to take pictures. So, a little more random inspiration.

On the way home from the farmer's market:
The view from my favorite lunch perch:

A rusty grate may not be everyone's idea of beauty, but I just love the browns:
Some interesting glass panes on a parking structure:
May you find inspiration wherever you go!

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