Friday, August 20, 2010

another new quilt: sunshine bento box

As is so often the case with me, there are so many things I want to try that when I find a chance to try several new things at once (like the no-triangle zig-zag pattern and making a quillow; this still isn't done but is still the plan), that's exciting. Two things I've been wanting to try lately? A blue-and-yellow quilt (sorry Mum, I know that's not your favorite), and the bento box quilt pattern. I'm going to D.C. this weekend to hang out with fantastic friends I haven't seen since we graduated from college in 2006, but I couldn't resist choosing and cutting some fabric before I go.

Here's a stack of cheery yellow and blue fabrics:There are several great modified bento box tutorials out there; I particularly like "quartered squares - a modified bento box tutorial" from Film in the Fridge (another of my favorite quilt bloggers) and "bento box tutorial" from Quiltin' Jenny. They both end up with different block sizes than I wanted, though, so I'm using measurements from "Bento Box Quilt, Part 1" from Sonnet of the Moon.

I chose 6 fabrics each in yellow and blue, and cut a 6" square of each, plus 3" strips (6" and 11" long in color B, 11" and 16" strips in the same color as the center square). I've got everything cut and ready to sew when I get back from D.C.! Safe travels to everyone going places this weekend. And may your weekends be as fun as I know mine will be!

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