Monday, February 7, 2011


Yay! SeamedUP is here! Ever since I started quilting, I've been waiting for a Ravelry for quilters! Then I started hearing about some quilting podcasters who, instead of waiting for this magic website to appear, decided to make it happen! And I'm really glad they did.

I just got my account approved, and I'm very excited. They're not quite ready to be fully open to everyone yet, they're in the second round of beta testing, and I'm so, so happy to be allowed to play. They're currently letting "aunts and uncles" (folks who donated money to help get SeamedUP off the ground) set up accounts, and they should be ready for prime time soon!

So, if you have been wanting Ravelry for quilters (or sewing generally), and haven't supported SeamedUP, go visit them and see what you can do!

I confess, I'm currently at my least-favorite stage with this website; on Ravelry, entering my stash is my least favorite thing to do, but I love being able to do a virtual dig through it all, so I know it's worthwhile. I'm really excited to have everything up and running, get all my projects entered, start making friends...fantastic!

So, thanks so much to the folks who are making it all happen.

P.S. I'm Phosphorelated on SeamedUP, as well as on Ravelry, so feel free to friend me either place!

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  1. hey hey, it's Jess, of Life Under Quilts, Smith (Washburn) '01. thanks for your comment on my blog, i'd love to chat more over email, but you are set to no-reply. pls send me an email, ok?
    oh, and greek embroidery?!? please tell me more..

    jessunderquilts at yahoo dot com