Sunday, December 19, 2010

a baby quilt finished -- before the baby!

My first effort at making a baby quilt stalled badly while I was sewing on the binding. I somehow got the binding a little too short when I sewed in on the front by machine; at first I thought it would be fine and plowed on with the hand stitching. Then I just completely lost all motivation. The quilt went into time-out. I realized just wasn't happy with the too-short binding, which led to an icky puckered section:So I ripped a bunch of stitches, realized the binding had been almost an inch too short,

and proceeded to fix it. Because the baby is due soonish, I decided to finish the binding by machine. I think it looks fine.
So I got it packaged up for its new little recipient-to-be:
And shortly afterward, got this picture of the quilt on the crib!
Now all it needs is a baby.

P.S. I'm immensely proud that my first baby quilt is done before the baby arrived. I'm terrible with deadlines! Doesn't it feel great to get something right for once? Happiness all 'round.

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  1. It's adorable! I'm horrid at deadlines as well. I once started a crocheted afghan for my nephew...and finished it almost three years later for my daughter. :)