Sunday, November 7, 2010

preparing for winter, continued

It's a lovely, sunny day, probably the last sunny weekend we'll have for a while, and you can tell where our priorities are.

Brad is taking advantage of the good light and nice weather to caulk up the windows, which leak atrociously, in the hopes that things will be less breezy (and perhaps slightly warmer) in the house this winter.
Me, I just want to use the sunshine to get good pictures of things I've made but not yet photographed in natural light.
As I'd hoped, the EZ Fisherman's rib hat was a two-evening project, and it is ridiculously and wonderfully warm. (Just in time.)
After caulking the windows, Brad was kind enough to hold some quilts for me! So, here are some images of finished objects you've already seen, now new and improved with actual light. Nice as the wood floors of the house are, they're not great for taking pictures of quilts, especially not on overcast days or at night.
The purple zig-zag and the Coffee Birds quilts have both been quite busy lately. The purple zig-zag lives on the back of my comfy armchair,
and because of its size and cheerful coloring, Coffee Birds is perfect for curling up on the porch swing or for napping on the couch.
I still really like the quilting pattern on this quilt, though it was a huge pain to rotate the darn thing 90 degrees every few inches. Worth it, though, now that it's done!

The autumn checklist:
*Put away summer socks. (Check.)
*Dig out winter clothes. (Check.)
*Make sure the furnace works. (Check.)
*Attempt to seal up the house for the cold weather...a never-ending battle, but we've tried..
*Make use of last sunny days to take pictures of fiber-related goodness: check!

What have you been doing to prepare for winter?

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