Friday, April 30, 2010

a new obsession: hexagons!

I've been seeing quilting folks around the blogosphere playing with hexagons lately, and it looked like fun. I've never tried English paper piecing before; you take cut paper shapes (in this case, hexagons), baste your fabric to the paper, and then hand-stitch the fabric together. Later you remove the basting thread and take out the paper. Here is a little flower I made out of hexagons, still with the white basting thread in place:
While hand sewing isn't my favorite, one big draw of this is that since everything is done by hand I don't need to be in front of my sewing machine. I don't have a good knitting project going right now, and need something to do with my hands in the evening. My hexagons are 1" on a side, and it takes a 2.5" square of fabric to cover one paper hexagon. This makes them a perfect size for using up scraps of the 2.5" strips I used on Button's quilt and Brad's quit, so there are lots of fabrics here you may recognize from earlier projects. Making hexagons is really addictive:
After playing around with various shapes and patterns for a bit, I decided that I really like the hexagon shape and wanted to emphasize that, so I'm assembling my small hexagons into larger hexagons, like so:
Then I'll assemble my big hexagons into a quilt top!
I'm having way too much fun.

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