Sunday, February 28, 2010

a UFO becomes an FO!

I finally had a grading-free weekend, and promptly celebrated by finishing something! My lovely quilt top has been sitting on the dining room table for longer than I'd like to admit. Only a few weeks, but longer than necessary. I found a lovely 1-yard cut of a purple and gold fabric (from the Fabric Shack) that was just big enough to be used as the backing.
I cut a piece of batting from a queen sized batting I got on sale for $10, and after a bit of wrangling got the sandwich all assembled on the living room floor. (It's MUCH easier when the backing is bigger, but I liked it so much I was determined to make it work.)

Brad wanted me to try a more geometrical quilting pattern, since my two previous quilts have just been stippled. So I tried a straight-line pattern along the edges of the squares. I really like how it looked, on both sides:
Then I mulled for a while as to whether or not the quilting was too far apart. In the end, I decided it was, and added some more:
I had five candidates for the binding and couldn't decide between them, so I went with Brad's choice:

I got it all done, from lonely quilt top to quilted, bound and washed quilt, in one day! It felt great. Now I just need to take pictures of the finished product! I'm just waiting for some decent daylight. Finishing something felt so good I may even get back to those potholders sometime soon!

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