Saturday, October 10, 2009

necessity as the anti-procrastinator

In 2007, I knit a wonderful grey alpaca hoodie from the fantastic Girl From Auntie Rogue Hooded Pullover pattern. I'm not normally a big pattern knitter, but it was such a gorgeous and well-written one that I succumbed with good cheer. The resulting sweater is lovely and soft, and oh so warm, but I've always wanted to knit it again in wool. (Knitting from a pattern once is a lot, and to do it twice should be an indication of just how great this pattern is.)

Last winter, I pulled some lovely purple Northampton (a favorite workhorse wool of mine) out of the stash and cast on. I got as far as the kangaroo pocket before it got warm out and I set it aside. Now, though, it's gotten chilly again and I started looking around for something warm to wear and decided it was time to get a move on!

It probably only took me a week or two of knitting in the evenings to get the pieces finished, and then I only procrastinated for a couple of days before blocking. I didn't block the grey sweater, and have regretted that decision ever since (not enough to actually wash and block it, of course -- every time I look at it and wish I had, I'm cold enough that I put it on instead!).

So, now I have a very beautiful, warm sweater that'll be ready to wear just as soon as I get around to doing the sewing up...that's the great downfall of an otherwise divine pattern. If it were only knit from the top down, it would be perfect. Hmm....


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