Monday, September 7, 2009

new beginnings

Now that Button's quilt is done, it is of course time for a new project. I didn't realize it at the time, but when I started a new quilt earlier this week, it coincided nicely with the beginning of the new semester.

On campus, it is once again possible to tell time without a clock simply by watching the floods of undergrads who pour out onto the sidewalk at regular intervals. At the moment, many of them are still confused, bobbing around with little direction. A labmate referred to them rather unkindly as "a bunch of cows," but to me they're reminiscent not of lemmings, but of the hundreds or thousands of individual pieces for a patchwork project.
They may be lost now, but it's amazing how quickly the gridlocked hoards of gaping teens get their stride and aimless wandering becomes a pattern.
And in no time at all, they'll know where they're going and head there with a vengeance.
It's real-life alchemy, if you ask me.


  1. Beautiful patterns, beautiful thoughts. Here's to new beginnings all around, and formation of new patterns.

  2. Kearney- I loved your quilt for anna shea and have enjoyed reading about your foray into the world of quilting. Hopefully I will be able to cull some fabric from my substantial stash and pass it on to you. Are you really attempting something with triangles? They are too much for me..... making all those little points meet makes me nuts[er].
    I am making a 'quilt' for Julia out of my stash of old jeans and am in the process of getting the large pieces put together into the final whole. I think it is going to be 90x80 or so and not much fun to work on at the end. I cut up lots of the old pairs of jeans that I had been saving and then cut them into even-inch squares and rectangles and started sewing. I saved the hems and flat felled seams to use as edging and for the corners used the best of the hem meets flat felled seams so when I sew those last bits together there will NOT be binding off, or on. I will take a couple of photos as this description leaves a lot to be desired.
    Your photos are wonderful. Isn't it hard to see those patterns and not just go out,buy fabric, and START?
    I am starting a 'for Kearney' box the next time I am up in The Room. ND